What are some specific benefits of AfterGRASP over GLPRO or GRASP?

1. Alpha Channel support

2. GIF animation support

3. PNG and full TIFF support

4. Script execution performance

5. Debugging - AG already has a superior debugger

6. Script Code security (since scripts are distributed in compiled form)

7. Small Runtime Size. This feature is only for in-house work; non-commercial users only have access to the full featured large runtime.

8. All of AG is written in C++, with a tiny amount of assembly language.  This allows future access to COM and other Microsoft object oriented extensions.

9. Powerful sparse Arrays data type

10. Anti-aliased text performance 

11. Variable debugging, a scrollable window listing all variables

12. Commands/functions can have a variable number of return values.  Many commands have no return value, others can have many (like random).

13. CSV load/save support (FILEGETARRAY, FILEPUTARRAY)

14. Full GZIP support (any file can be gzipped, and will automatically be treated as the original uncompressed file)

15. Anti-aliased drawing of variable width lines, circles, and rounded edge rectangles

16. Much cleaner HOTSPOT syntax (no more zillions of commas to skip parameters)

17. Fast BLEND fade

18. JPEG save

19. VARMATCH to list matching variables

20. Simpler WHEN definition syntax with an ENDWHEN to define blocks of code used for WHEN

21. Automatic real time window scaling (scaling the window contents)

22. Vector graphics formats (WMF and EMF)

23. DrawPolygon and Polygon shape in ImageAlphaSet, used to create perspective shadow

24. ImageCopy command

25. IMAGESIZE command (handles vector images)

26. Anti-aliased drawing commands like line, circle, box and so on

27. CMYK image support

28. Extensive Postscript printing support including spot colors and Postscript image support.

29. Commands for finding image edges and calculating distances between images, boxes and ovals.

30. Polar transform and Panoramic transforms.

31. Measurements allow coordinates and sizes expressed in standard, metric and percentage.

AfterGRASP is now considered beta level software, meaning it's now being used in its first commercial quality applications. This does not mean it's bug free or feature complete...far from it!

The most serious limitation to AfterGRASP is that there is no "real" documentation, only a running log, and notes to testers.