Where did AfterGRASP come from?

Aside from John Bridges (me!), Digi-products Ltd., and the small group of Alpha testers who have been in the loop since the end of July 2002, the list of people who even know there is an AfterGRASP project is tiny.

The list of those who knew about AfterGRASP did not include anyone involved in Gmedia or IMS or Paul Mace Software.  In particular, this project has nothing to do with any of my past associates or Interactive Homes.

The AfterGRASP project started in earnest the last couple days of Feb 2002.  That date does not coincide with any "event"; it just happened to be when everyone was comfortable enough with the details to say "OK, let's start".  However, it does happen to be the one year anniversary of the closing of Gmedia's doors, which occurred the last few days in Feb 2001.

Rick Franklin of Interactive Homes knows this project exists.  He was called a few days before any testers were invited to sign an NDA in July 2002.  Rick and Interactive Homes know who is writing it, and who is funding it, and why.  There is no ill will between Interactive Homes and Digi-products.

Excluding public code (like ZLIB), AfterGRASP contains no source code from GLPRO.  AfterGRASP is a completely new project started from scratch.  GLPRO was like an organic growth with new features being attached over the years, many now completely obscure and replaced by newer features.  This means AG will likely NEVER match the entire GLPRO feature set.  For example, the complex "DATA" commands will likely never be replicated since they are so freeform, making compilation almost impossible.