AfterGRASP (AG) is a successor to GLPRO and GRASP

AfterGRASP is available for download for free under a non-commercial license.

If you wish to use AfterGRASP for commercial work, you will need to arrange a commercial license.

For discussion on AfterGRASP there is an AfterGRASP mailing list available which is now hosted by Google Groups.

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Where did AfterGRASP come from?

How does AfterGRASP actually work (internally) compared to GLPRO or GRASP?

What features are so far in the future they might as well be considered on hold indefinitely?

What are some specific benefits of AfterGRASP over GLPRO or GRASP?

Current UPDATE.TXT running development log and documentation

Notes on arrays I wrote last year for testers

Current to do list for AfterGRASP

Archive of the old GLPRO mailing list, link to join GoogleGroups list, and link to download GLPRO


Don Magnusson has been kind enough to put together an indexed searchable database of the GLPRO mailing list archive. He also has a nifty ODBC DLL for use with GLPRO or AfterGRASP available for download. You can find both here:

Searchable GLPRO Mailing List Archive